Red Carpet Mondays
JPNG - Red Carpet Monday

Join for our weekly event "Red Carpet Mondays!". This will be an event to remember my friends. Just remember, aint no party like a Hebrew party!!! Rock on for the ages!!!

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Social networking includes developing relationships for related charity work, making new friendships, finding people with common interests or hobbies, and discussing current events, entertainment or the arts. Professional networking includes building relationships with potential employees, employers, vendors, partners, clients, customers and, most importantly, potential referral sources. Professional networking also includes discussing the economy, business management, marketing, finance, applied business technology, and more. A few people attend our events only for social networking and a few people attend only for professional networking. However, most people attend for both.
All of our prior success is due to people like you, yes you, enjoying the events and bringing new professionals they respect and trust every time they come back.

  • Conduct personal networking
  • Learn about other businesses
  • Support a good cause or charity
  • Find new business opportunities
  • Introduce people
  • Discuss upcoming events with other groups
  • Enjoy delicious food and lovely beverages
  • Set up meetings and phone calls
  • Help others find jobs and contracts
  • Connect other charitable and networking groups
  • Invite others to join JPNG
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